Today’s title elude’s me.

HA!  Like my $10 word?  Elude.  I actually had to look it up to make sure that it really meant what I thought it meant.  Good thing too, I almost used ALLUDE!  Now that I’m telling you this, I hope you don’t think less of me 😉

So anyway.

I’m in a rut with chicken.

I usually just cook it up in my Turbo Cooker with some salt free spices and call it a day.  Officer M isn’t big fan of this method.  I could make some White Bean Chicken Chili and cornbread.  Or a casserole.  There’s always pot pie.  I may have to hit up some of my favorite recipe sites for inspiration….. I’ll let you know what I come up with, I know you’ll be waiting on pins and needles!

I got quite a bit accomplished yesterday in regards to my numerous projects.  The secret one is like 5 minutes from finished – I just have to get to Home Depot!  Not an easy task given the weather recently:

The driveway is a solid sheet of ice.

I got the bedroom primed and will be painting it today.  The plan is to have the walls done and the headboard started by Friday.

I also finished a couple of small items:

♣This lovely piece of art is actually made of toilet paper rolls, glued together and sprayed with a metallic paint.  It’s in my bathroom.  Thought that was fitting…

♠I’ve seen these wreaths a lot lately.  I think the original version was by Pottery Barn for $$$.  Whatev.  Mine cost me like 52¢ -suck on that P.B.!

Yesterday was also P90X Arms and Shoulders.  This is my 3rd time around with the program (well, 2 1/2 – I kinda made up my own version last time round), so this time I’m trying to lift heavy.  I mainly used 20’s and 25’s with a few 15lb-ers thrown in when I got tired.  Looking at my tracking sheet for the last 3 weeks, I realized I should’ve started heavier from the get-go.  Some exercises went from 20 reps with a 15lb weight to 8 with a 25!  I feel it today and that makes me happy 🙂

I should go get my butt in gear.  Aside from painting, I promised Peyton & Reese we’d make bird seed feeders (show ya that later) and the house needs a thorough dusting.  Seriously.  It’s like, eeeeeewww. 

Happy Hump Day!


4 thoughts on “Today’s title elude’s me.

  1. love the scroll-y artwork from toilet paper–now you know i will be saving my rolls! what a great idea–but mine will never look like yours!

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