And the snowball effect continues….

After we painted the front door, the trim around it was looking, for lack of a better word, OFFENSIVE.

Seriously, every time I went downstairs I felt like it was giving me the finger.

At my most recent trip to the hardware store, I found a $3 can of mismatch paint in a chocolate-brown.  I figured for 3 bucks if it came out looking like crap (pun intended) I could paint over it and not cry!

It worked out PERFECT! 

YAY!  One door frame done, 9 to go.  Oh and 7 window frames.  And about 2 miles of baseboard….GAH!


So I had to go to Ocean State Job Lot the other day cause it’s the only place that sells my FAVORITIST granola EVA:

At $4 for a pound and only 6 ingredients (all of which I can pronounce!), it’s awesome!!

So anyway, as I’m pulling into the parking lot I see a huge yellow banner advertising the store next door is closing, so I swung in there really quick.  It was like all the cast-off junk from Chez Marshall’s and Home Goods.  It was slim pickins but I found some cute stuff:


(This is gonna get a nice coat of bedroom blue paint…)

$6 each


(ugh, blurry pic, sorry)

I also got another frame and a cute vase that’s in my bedroom (Officer M is sleeping now so you’ll have to wait for a picture).

So the frames weren’t that pretty but I figured I could paint them.  Then as soon as I walked into OSJL I see this:

Very pretty gray yarn.  So the wheels are a turnin’ and I decide this would work on my ugly frames:

I keep seeing all these cute picture frame walls all over the crafty blogland and I NEED one for the bedroom.  Here is my version:

Can’t wait to put it up on the wall!

K, gotta go.  If you’re in my neck of the woods – Enjoy the snow!!


3 thoughts on “And the snowball effect continues….

  1. OMG! girl, you are so clever!…you inspire me to get working on my house….i just don’t even know where to look for ideas–but now i know where!

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