It only took 2 years.

We’ve lived in this house for 2 years this past Monday and I have FINALLY hung up some pictures in our bedroom.  Remember the picture frames from a few weeks ago?:

I got tired of seeing them on the bedroom floor yesterday and decided to get off my butt and take care of them:

I decided to leave out the black frame and add in a wedding picture of Officer M and me.  I also added in 2 framed prints I had.

Little cutie from yesterday found a home too:

 In other news – I’m getting out of the house today!!  We’re going to an open house for Peyton’s preschool and then to a birthday party at McDonalds.  Peyton hasn’t had fast food yet and I was really hoping to prolong that a bit longer…oh well.  Maybe she won’t like it?

We also have to do the grocery shopping today.  The fridge is embarrassing:

The kids had Cheerio’s for dinner last night.  Hey, they thought it was awesome!

At least would could live off the condiments if we had to:

Is it just me or do your condiments reproduce all on their own too?  This is just ridiculous!

I gotta get moving.  I don’t like to keep Shaun T waiting – he gets really mad and yells at me…:)


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