Some times ya just gotta say ‘Eff it’.

I joined a gym. Well, I joined our local Y.

I went to Zumba with the BFF last week and we also went to her son’s pool party there and I was sold. I know, you’re thinking ‘so what?”. Weeeeellllll…

I HATE the gym (bold for em-PHAS-is). I’ve hated it forever. I like to workout in my PJs. I like that I know the people at kickboxing – if not by name then at least by face. I’m SUPER-DUPER cheap and didn’t want to pay the monthly fee.

BUT, (or BUTT if you will)….

I figured each Zumba class was $10. If I did 4-5 classes a month plus the use of the pool with the rugrats, not to mention Cycling, Body Pump and the free childcare- WELL HELL-that would totally be worth it! Plus, we get a nice discount because hubbs is a cop!

*Zumba butt shimmy –>  ( / ) ( \ ) ( / ) ( \ )

Which brings me to the gym. BFF called me and asked if I’d like to go on a gym date with her. I already lifted today, but went anyway just to get outta the house without the kids.

 (I’d actually taken them swimming there this morning. Gettin’ my $$ worth.  Dolla dolla bills ya’ll!).

The place was mostly empty and we did back and shoulders on the extremely nice and visibly new equipment. Then we hit the sauna.

QUE THE ANGELS – Ahhhhhhh emoticon

This may very well be my home away from home….


2 thoughts on “Some times ya just gotta say ‘Eff it’.

  1. Still so psyched you joined!
    P.S. You should photoshop you, the kids, and Mike’s faces onto the Village People in the picture!

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