21 hours and counting……

Teeeheeee ♥ ☺ 

First off, let me announce that my sister in law gave birth to a cutie patootie baby boy on Thursday.  He weighed 7.5 pounds at 20 inches.  Don’t you just want to chew on those cheeks!?! 


Happy Birthday PJ!!

Now, on to the countdown.

I usually get up at 6am so that means I have 21 hours and 14 minutes to go!!  And I’ve been contemplating how I will enjoy my first taste of PB in 44 days.  I’m not kidding, I’ve been thinking about this for like 2 weeks now.  It’s gotten to the point where it NEEDS to be perfect!  

Here are some ideas:


Aww, who am I kidding?!  It’ll probably look more like this:

Or really more like this:

but I probably won”t wear a diaper….

Seriously though, it’s gonna go something like this:

Ohhhhh yeaaahhhhhh……

If you don’t hear from me for a while, I’ve probably OD’d and am in the hospital with an IV full of jelly. 

Cuz everyone knows jelly counteracts the effects of peanut butter.


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