The Big Reveal!

The kitchen is DONE!

Well, almost – I have to paint some trim, but I couldn’t wait to show you!!!

So if you’ve followed my blog (or even just glanced through it), you probably know how much I hated the kitchen, especially the old counters.  They were HOSPITAL PINK!  Seriously, who puts in pink counters?  Crazy people – that’s who!  Awful.

Here’s the befores:

And here’s the kitchen today!!

The Coffee Bar:

Ikea Hack Bookshelves:

Here’s what we did:


♦Backsplash (glass tile – the big splurge)

♦Faucet & Sink (got the sink for free – it was a showroom piece.  And I know a guy ☺)

♦Dishwasher, Fridge, Stove Vent

♦Tall Cabinet


♦Bookshelves (Bought from Ikea and had a friend ‘build them in’)


♦Curtains (made ’em myself!)

I’ve been standing in the kitchen staring for like 2 days now.  Sargent M is too.  We still need to do the floors, but I can wait a while now that the rest of the room is so PRETTY!

Ok, now I feel like cooking something!  Later Gaters!

[Hahaha!   I just noticed the same hot pink plate is in the dish rack in both the before and after shots!  I swear we have more plates!]


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