It’s that time…

It’s that time again.  


If you’ve been with me for a while you know what that means…….


Every year the BFF and I give up our beloved peanut butter for Lent which we see as a kind of detox (for a quick recap you can go here).

The sad part about giving up my favorite snack isn’t that I’m giving it up for 44 days…

OH! YEAH 44!  Because if you actually count it out on a calendar there’s 4 Sundays where you’re allowed to cheat – I think that’s BS.

Anyway, the saddest part is that Tuesday night I had a scoop because I felt like I should even though I really didn’t want any at the time.  Very un-enjoyable.  Sad way to remember your last time….



Best pork loin EVER!  Oh yeah, I’m claiming it!  Well actually I got it from Pinterest, I think the owner was



1 Hormel Extra Lean Pork Loin (about a pound-ish)

2T really good Balsamic Vinegar** 

3 cloves Garlic – or more if you lile

Salt & Pepper to Taste

Throw everything into a zip lock bag and marinate minimum 1 hour.  Grill on Med High  for about 40 minutes, rotating the loin every 10.  Let it sit for a few before slicing into it so you don’t loose the juices.  

I love how so few ingredients can make something so good!




**I have an awesome bottle from Williams-Sanoma that Sargent M gave me for Valentines Day.  You could literally drink it straight from the bottle!  I use it as my salad dressing, no oil required.  This stuff is worth the $28 price tag!


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